29th March 2014

After meeting with my supervisor, I have focused and refined my proposed questions to make them easier to research and write about. As it stands, my 3 options are:

  1. To what extent have scientific discoveries disproved the Bible with regard to the Creation vs. Evolution debate?
  2. To what extent has theological reasoning justified the notion of a loving God allowing suffering?
  3. To what extent has the presentation of the roles of women in literature changed over time?


  1. It will sustain my interest for the full year and there is masses of literature available surrounding this subject (Case for a Creator, Darwin’s Black Box, The God Delusion and The Dawkins Delusion to name just a few). As well as this, there is a great opportunity to talk to and hear from experts in the Summer at a youth event where experts such as Prof. John Lennox will speak on the subject.
  2. As with the first suggestion, there is a lot of literature that I could use for research (such as The Problem of Pain, The Shack, The Reason for God etc.) and this subject will also be addressed at the event in the Summer.
  3. The list of literature to use for this subject is endless but if I focus of examining one piece from each century for maybe four centuries, I could refine it. For example, Shakespeare, Brothers Grimm, Jane Austen and Harper Lee. The cost will also be kept down with this idea because I either already own or can easily obtain copies of these books (from libraries or the internet)


  1. The event will cost approximately £115 and there is so much to discuss that even after being refined, it may be too long.
  2. The cost of the event also applies to this idea.
  3. Although there is a lot to work with and I am interested in the subject, I am concerned that it won’t sustain my interest for the full year. The other options are a lot more personal and controversial which would make me want to pursue them further. Another issue is that something similar has been done recently and my idea may be too similar to this.

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