21st June 2014

On Tuesday, we had an EPQ research methods meeting which informed me of the myriad of resources at my disposal for this project. It also covered effectively using the resources so that I get the most out of them. For example, when using Google, use the advanced search settings to narrow down my search and get rid of the irrelevant hits. Diana talked about many different types of information that I could use – I had previously only considered book and talking to my uncle but I could also use journals which I can get through Infotrac, J-Store and Philip Alan Journals. She also talked about how to evaluate the resources I use by thinking about things like: is the source trusted? what do other experts say? how is it relevant? what conclusions does it come to? and is it up to date? I also know that I have to make a research plan which I have now started so that I can get everything out of the Summer holidays that I need.


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