27th June 2014 – God’s Undertaker

More notes on God’s Undertaker – I found this chapter particularly helpful as it’s all about the ‘Designer Universe’… It also looks at some of the things in the video I posted in more detail (and more complicated words!)

  • The Multiverse
  • uses Copernican Principle to demote Earth’s significance
  • no evidence, speculation meaning it is essentially metaphysics
  • to entertain the idea of a trillion other universes rather than one Creator God in order to explain the universe seems highly irrational – paraphrasing Philosopher Richard Swinburne
  • even this however, doesn’t eliminate God as an option – who’s to say He didn’t create a trillion universes?
  • the two aren’t mutually exclusive
  • Chance
  • constants that have to be exactly right for life to exist, change any of them by the tiniest amount and the universe would be incapable of sustaining life
  • e.g. the chance of the electromagnetic force constant and gravitational force constant being what they are is 1 in 10^40 – this is just to get the right balance of stars (too many large stars or too many small stars would mean life could not exist)
  • e.g. a change of 2% in distance to/from the Sun and life would cease to exist
  • that is a lot of luck
  • in fact, theoretical physicist Paul Davies uses the example that the chance of these two particular constants being what they are is the same as if an expert marksman shoots at and hits a coin positioned 20 billion light years away
  • the fine tuning of the universe gives an overwhelming impression of a designer

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