12th July 2014 – The Cosmological Argument

I realised I haven’t posted for a while and I still haven’t uploaded my research plan… I have started researching but the plan was saved on the college VLE which I couldn’t access because the server was being moved so here it is:

Time Plan

As you can see, I am currently reading Lee Strobel’s ‘Case for a Creator’ so here are my first few notes:

  • Modern cosmology points towards the universe having a beginning
  • Hubble’s discovery that the universe is expanding at the same rate in all directions so if we were to go backwards it would get smaller until there would have to have been a beginning (hence the Big Bang occurred)
  • The Cosmological Argument was formulated by al-Ghazali who proposed a simple argument: whatever begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause.
  • Let’s look at the first premise:
  1. It seems ‘bewildering’ to believe that things can just ‘pop into existence, uncaused, out of nothing’.
  2. We can never see this happen in daily life (things just springing into being) so the first premise (that everything that begins to exist has a cause) is constantly confirmed by rational logic and experience
  3. This principle is more plausible than its denial
  4. A fluctuation in a quantum vacuum is when things can materialise out of the vacuum and vanish into it again.
  5. This is spontaneous and the creations (mostly subatomic particles called virtual particles) last extremely briefly.
  6. This argument could explain how nothing came to be something
  7. But even then: how did the quantum vacuum come to exist?
  8. This just pushes back the issue of creation

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