27th August 2014: The God Delusion

  • Argument for God: He eliminates the infinite regress you get from the BB model
    • atheistic response: No he doesn’t, he just pushes it back a level
    • aith gold, you can split it until you get a single atom but if you split the atom, the subatomic particles are not gold
    • the atom provides the termination of the regress but God doesn’t
    • who designed the designer (I have answered this thoroughly in other posts)
  • The Anthropic Principle
    • this is actually an alternative to design not evidence for it
    • estimated billion billion planets in the universe
    • if the odds to life existing were a billion to one, this means there are still a billion plants that could sustain life (interesting to note that the estimated probability of life on Earth is 1 in 10^123)
    • Earth is one of them – finding another would be a needle in the haystack but beings who are capable of looking must be sitting on a needle themselves
  • Cosmology
    • Rees’ 6 numbers and fine tuning
    • e.g. strong force (binds components of a nucleus) is 0.007 in our universe
    • if it was 0.006, the universe would contain only hydrogen
    • if it was 0.008, it would contain only heavy elements
    • some say that they were never free to vary and one depends on the others (like the relationship between the radius and circumference of a circle)
    • or it is due to the multiverse
      • the initial idea was that there was a series of big bangs that are initiated by the big crunch of the previous universe but the discovery of red shift and background radiation point away from the big crunch model
      • Lee Smolin postulates cosmological natural selection which I find the most plausible of the multiverse theories
      • daughter universes are born of parent universes through black holes
      • fundamental constants of the parent universes are mutated to form new values in daughter universe (the same principle as the more commonly understood evolution/natural selection)
      • going back to my GCSE physics and the cycle of a star, you need matter to condense into clouds to form stars then red super giants, supernova –> blackhole
      • they need black holes to survive and ‘reproduce’ which means that only the daughter universes who ‘inherit’ the right values to make stars can have the possibility of life
      • Even Dawkins however admits that there isn’t what he calls a crane for physics equivalent to Darwinian evolution (i.e. something that clearly explains the journey from non-existence to existence)

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