6th October 2014: New Research

‘Black Holes can’t mathematically exist’

  • Professor Laura Mersini-Houghton
  • suggests a resolution for ‘black hole information loss paradox’
    • quantum theory – no information in the universe can ever disappear
    • Einstein’s theory of relativity – predicts the formation of black holes
  • most scientists think the universe came into existence through a singularity
  • This theory sates that it is impossible for singularities to exist so puts the Big Bang theory into question

This article prompted me to investigate further the problems with the Big Bang and possible alternatives

  • violates law of quantum theory – can’t create or destroy matter or energy
    • BUT…
    • BB doesn’t explain the creation of the universe, only the evolution (if true, why am I even looking at this?!)
    • laws of science break down as you get closer to creation so no need to believe quantum theory should support
      • what? I thought the idea of a LAW was that it remained constant over every situation and that’s how we can trust it – it seems to me that scientists are manipulating their laws so it works in their favour
      • so scientific laws don’t always have to work to still be called laws and yet if I try to say that God, an all-powerful, supernatural being doesn’t need a cause, suddenly it’s not allowed
  • formation of stars and galaxies violate law of entropy
  • early inflationary period violates rule that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light
    • theory of relativity didn’t apply in BB
    • space itself can expand faster as space falls outside the realm of the theory of gravity
  • SO, alternatives…
    • steady-state – universe always had been and always will be the same density, universe generates matter at the same rate as expansion
    • big bounce – our universe is one of a series that expands and contacts

So what would someone say in response to Laura Mersini-Houghton?

  • Dr Max Tegmark said
    • “We don’t know enough about…the singularity to say whether [Messini-Houghton’s] picture is correct. Even if it is correct, it is very misleading to describe it as showing that ‘black holes don’t exist.’ There is a lot of astronomical evidence for objects that behave just like the black holes predicted by Einstein’s theory of relativity.”
  • we KNOW that black holes exist because we can observe them
  • it therefore raises questions about the formation of black holes

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