12th October 2014: Various meetings

So earlier this week I had an EPQ meeting which was really just focused on how we can consolidate my research and evaluating what I have done. I had gotten some dates mixed up and thought the mid-project review was meant to be done for the 24th September so I had a head start on this! From this meeting I know that I need to develop my evaluation of each individual resource and analyse them on their usefulness. I also need to organise my research but this will be done when I’ve filled in any gaps there may be and so it’s on my research plan.

I also had a meeting with my supervisor where we looked at the review and new plan that I had already done. He suggested that I make some alterations with my plan (namely, putting in solutions to the problems I may encounter in the new plan and directly basing my changes on my failures in the review).

So here are my revised tables after meeting with my supervisor (both on same document)…

Evaluation of my research so far


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