18th October 2014: A little bit of the multiverse

The Internet at home has been a bit dodgy so haven’t been able to post for a while…

So I asked my cousin for the Focus magazine (which was in fact from March) and he did not have it anymore so I went to the website but was unable to read the article unless I subscribed (something I will probably not do for one article). I then decided to do an advanced search on Google to try do some more background work into the multiverse. This is the most accepted alternative to a Creator so I though I should understand the theory a bit better…


  • Infinite Universes
    • Space-time is most likely to be flat, extending infinitely
    • If this is the case, it must start repeating – there is a finite number of ways particles can be arranged
    • This means there is an infinite number of people who may be doing the same or completely different things.
    • The observable universe extends only as far as light has been able to get in (so 13.7 billion years since BB, 13.7 billion light years)
    • Anything beyond that considered its own separate universe
    • Patchwork quilt of universes
  • Bubble Universes
    • Theory called eternal inflation
    • Inflation = universe expanding rapidly after BB
    • Possible that some pockets of space stopped inflating while other continue
    • All have different physical laws/fundamental constants, some support life
    • So, lots of bubbles
  • Parallel Universes
    • Hover just out of reach of our own
    • More dimensions than our 3 of space and 1 of time
    • Higher dimensional space
    • ‘Like a slice of bread in a grander cosmic loaf’
    • Aren’t always parallel/out of reach
      • Slam into each other causing BBs and so it all starts over again
    • Daughter Universes
      • Works on probability in quantum mechanics
      • All possible outcomes do occur in separate universes
        • e.g. in this universe (the present universe), you could either go left or right
        • This means there will be 2 further daughter universes for going left and right
      • Mathematical Universes
        • Is maths a tool for describing or the fundamental reality?
        • Maybe the particular mathematical structure that makes up our universe isn’t the only possibility and variations do exist.

Despite reading this, which has been very helpful, there is still a question that remains unanswered…

If people can postulate a multiverse to avoid the idea of a Creator, who created the multiverse? Surely the multiverse hypothesis just pushes back the point of creation?

Having pondered these questions in detail over the last few months, it makes me wonder if modern science actually has has an answer yet.


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