2nd November 2014: Seeing Red and Organising research


Notes on ‘Seeing Red’:

  • ‘The Big Bang has, in reality, been toppled’ page ii of the preface
  • if the cause of the redshifts is not understood properly, distances can be wrong by factors of 10 to 100
  • it has been assumed that redshifts only mean ‘recession velocity’ (moving away from each other, expanding universe)
  • His conclusion is that the universe is not expanding…
    • distance between galaxies is great and light takes a considerable amount of time to get to us
    • so we see the galaxy as it was when the light left it (younger)
    • universe can be indefinitely large and will unfold itself from many points within itself
  • Friedmann solution, 1922 — page 249
    • assumption that particle masses are constant forever
    • led to expanding, curved space-time in which all redshifts are due to increased recession velocity with increasing distance
    • which then led to an observational contradiction which required extragalactic redshifts to be mostly age related, not velocity
  • Machian physics
    • simple solution that redshifts are proportional to particle masses and hence to their age since their creation.
    • leads to a predicted Hubble constant which depends on only one parameter, the inverse of the age of our galaxy – this agrees with the observations much better than the Big Bang theory does.


I have now started to organise my research to fit my argument…

How this has disproved the Creationist view…

  • Various versions of the multiverse
    • Parallel universes colliding
    • Infinite universes using all possible laws of physics to find a combination that works
  • Fluctuations in a quantum vacuum – I know this is a reason for the BB but am unsure as to why it is the most accepted
  • Dawkins daughter universes
    • Remove the idea of the chance of fine tuning
    • Universes ‘evolve’ so it’s not chance
    • The Anthropic principle

How it hasn’t disproved anything…

  • The idea of a beginning
    • Hubble Telescope and Red Shift – expanding universe, inflation = beginning
      • also add the other side of the red shift
    • In the 1960s, there was uproar at the idea that the universe may have a beginning.
    • Every relevant scripture in the Bible states that the universe began
    • Creationism has been postulating this for centuries and it is only now that scientific evidence has emerged that science has caught up with the idea of a beginning
    • BICEP2 and the Smoking Gun – inflation still proves beginning
  • Mechanism not agency (Einstein’s theory based on mechanism)
    • Aunt Matilda
    • Henry Ford
  • Multiverse – still doesn’t explain the First Cause (various versions only push back the point of creation)
  • Cosmological Argument
    • addresses the idea of a logical way to explain the universe’s existence with a Creator
  • The Anthropic principle (works for both sides)- very difficult to believe that the incredible fine-tuning is not because it was created by an all-powerful designer

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