12th February 2015: BICEP 2

I was just about to write my section on the discovery of the echo of inflation found in the CMB by BICEP 2 and so I googled it again just to check some of my facts. In doing this, I found the majority of the results were articles and blogs explaining how the results from BICEP 2 were not  accurate and that an even more recent set of data from the Planck satellite had shown that the ‘echo’ had not actually been discovered yet. Therefore, I have had to remove this from my final product.


2nd February 2015

I have pretty much just been writing my final product and working on my presentation lately… Today I was writing about the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs boson 🙂

24th January 2015: Presentation and stuff

I’ve been speaking to my supervisor about when I should do the presentation and we’ve agreed that after our college mock week will probably be best. I have started making notes on my powerpoint about the research process but also the general gist of my final product (which is still going well). I will start the successes, failures and solutions just as soon as I’ve done everything else.

5th January 2015

Happy New Year! So I am still writing my final product bit by bit but realised that I had left out some really important headings… I am now adding ‘The Anthropic Principle’ and ‘The Fine Tuning of the Universe’ to the line up (not sure how I missed them really).

I will also be starting to make my presentation this week so that I can do that as soon as possible.

12th December 2014: Planning

Having had the meeting yesterday, I decided that I needed to come up with a more coherent plan (which may not look particularly coherent but it works in my head – it’s more of a prompt for me really)

  • Religion vs. Science?
    • Naturalism/Materialism
  • Mechanism vs. Agency
    • The problem with science
    • Aunt Matilda and Henry Ford
  • In the Beginning
    • The Bible – Genesis 1:1, John 1:1-3
  • General Theory of Relativity
  • Red Shift
    • Universe expanding
  • Sagan’s Oscillating Model (not sure)
  • The Standard Model
  • The Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson
  • Fluctuations in the Quantum Vacuum
  • BICEP2
  • The Multiverse
    • Dawkins
    • Other most plausible multiverse – Daughter and infinite
    • But what about First Cause?
  • The Creator
    • Why is it OK to believe that God doesn’t need a cause but the universe does?
  • The Cosmological Argument

12th December 2014: Presentation meeting

So yesterday we had a meeting about our presentations and were basically told what kinds of things should be in it. There should be an overview of the main aims of the project and a summary of the product. Steph highlighted how important it is to use non-specialist language because the audience will not be made up of specialists in the subject. She also stressed how we need to give evidence of our successes, failures, why they were unsuccessful  and how we overcame the problems. This is obviously a very brief summary of the meeting so I will attach the PowerPoint here:

Student Guide to the Presenation